Publish Date: July 4, 2024

Initiative for Gender Equity and Sensitisation (IGES) at IIT Delhi to Organise Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon on July 5

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                      · Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon is an initiative to narrow gender gap on Wikipedia

New Delhi: Currently, only about 19% of the English-language Wikipedia's 1.5 million biographies feature women, a concern highlighted in a recent thought-provoking article published in Nature

In line with these insights, the Initiative for Gender Equity and Sensitisation (IGES) at IIT Delhi is organizing a meaningful event aimed at addressing gender disparities on Wikipedia on July 5, 2024. The event will also celebrate accomplishments of the IIT Delhi female faculty members.

The event aims to create and expand profiles of IIT Delhi female faculty members. Students invited from various schools across Delhi will actively participate in content creation during the Edit-a-Thon, which will be supervised to ensure accuracy and quality.

Beyond enhancing Wikipedia's coverage, this initiative offers students an invaluable opportunity to develop editing skills while contributing to a more diverse and inclusive representation on this influential platform.

This Edit-a-Thon not only addresses a pressing issue but also fosters a collaborative spirit towards building a more equitable digital landscape.

“We're hoping the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon rectifies the gender gap on Wikipedia a little and brings our women academics some of the recognition they richly deserve. Together, we can make significant strides in bridging the gender gap on Wikipedia and beyond.”, said Prof. Angelie Multani, Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, IIT Delhi.