Publish Date: December 28, 2023

Season of Alumni Reunions at IIT Delhi Begins

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(Photo: IIT Delhi Alumni Reunion)

The season of alumni reunions has begun at IIT Delhi, with the first one taking place on December 1, 2023, and has proven to be highly successful.

Reunions of the batches of 1981, 1973, 1988, and 1998 that were completed in December have set a new milestone for attendance. The alumni were ecstatic and nostalgic to be back on campus, relishing the opportunity to reconnect with their academic roots and old classmates and batchmates.

Organizers from the Class of 1981 (Cohort of '76) who postponed their earlier reunion due to COVID years expressed their joy, stating, “We have celebrated three grand reunions now for our batch over the years."

Apart from reconnecting with their old batchmates, reunions involve multiple activities, including visits to their departments/hostels, interaction with faculty, staff, and administration, exploring opportunities to give back to their alma mater in terms of their talent, time, and treasure.

Members from the 1973 batch highlighted, “We wanted to showcase the campus and relive our old days with our family and friends. It was a very memorable experience."

While for many younger batches, alumni get to meet their entire batch for the first time, the enthusiasm is equally high among older batches. Coordinators from the 1988 batch were quick to point out, “It takes a lot of effort to galvanize the batch, but once they get going, it is special. We got almost half the batch here from all across the globe, and people cherished every bit of it.”


The flagship Silver Jubilee Reunion featuring the 1998 batch witnessed the participation of over 160 alumni and more than 100 family members, marking the highest attendance for a single batch. A member of the 1998 batch organizing team shared, “Most of us are coming back to campus after 25 long years since our graduation.”

IIT Delhi will organise more than a dozen alumni reunions from December 2023 to April 2024.

Prof. PVM Rao, Dean, Alumni Relations, IIT Delhi, said, "This year we have more than a dozen reunions, which include Crystal (15 years), Silver (25 years), Ruby (35 years), Pearl (40 years), and Golden Jubilee (50 years). There are some special discipline-specific and profession-specific reunions also planned. Greater engagement with alumni is part of our strategy to involve alumni in all aspects of the institute’s growth, i.e., teaching, research, and innovation.”

Giving back to one’s own alma mater is a part of most reunions. Many batches are coming forward to give generously towards the advancement of the institute.