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Medical Care

It is never fun to be ill but it's best to be aware that medical help exists when you do fall ill. Most basic medical needs of the campus population consisting of Students, Staff members, and their families are met by the Institute Hospital, which is available 24x7. As a member of the faculty, you and your dependents will receive a medical booklet, which is recognized by the hospital. The booklet will also serve as your medical record. Visit IITD Hospital.

.Please dial 1500 or 6666 from any campus phone to reach the hospital nurse on duty. Unless you have a specific choice of doctor (with time, you may develop your favorites), you will be assigned one of the doctors on duty, but do check out the schedule and the timing of the hospital before visiting.

Patients have to register themselves at the reception counter and they can see the doctor on ‘first come first serve’ basis. However, senior citizens and patients with critical illnesses who need immediate attention are accorded priority.

Patient Transport Ambulance (PTA) - IITD hospital has a van which is classified as Patient Transport Ambulance (PTA). It is equipped with facilities like stretcher, oxygen cylinder, etc. It is used for inter-hospital transfer as per the requirement of the treatment.

For medical emergency diagnosed by the doctors on duty, the patient is referred to a suitable nearby hospital. The Institute PTA will drop the patient to any hospital within a radius of 5 kms from the Institute. The support staff from the hospital may accompany the patient (if needed) to the hospital and assist in the paperwork for admission to the emergency ward of the hospital. Here is more on emergency protocols for the residents of the campus.

After your consultation, you can pick up your prescribed medicines at the pharmacy (next to the reception counter). There is no charge for the consultation or the medicines.

In addition to regular IITD physicians, specialists from AIIMS also visit the hospital on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. They see patients by advance appointments. Based on a referral by the hospital physician, you can ask for the specialist appointment at the OPD registration counter, and the next available date will be assigned. The hospital website lists the daily schedule of the physicians as well as the specialist schedule.


For advanced care, you will be referred to an outside hospital. The institute supports an optional group medical insurance scheme, which you may subscribe to at the time of joining. The scheme is served by National Insurance Company Limited and managed by its Third-Party Administrator (TPA), M/s Vipul MedCorp TPA Pvt. Ltd, ( The insurance supports cashless claims facility for charges related to admission in external hospitals. The list of empaneled hospitals can be seen at



Even if you do not need admission in an outside hospital, or do not subscribe to IIT Delhi insurance scheme, certain costs of visiting outside hospitals when referred by the IIT Delhi physician, are reimbursable. Consultation fees cannot be reimbursed, but the cost of laboratory investigations or medicines prescribed by the outside doctor (as per standard rates) can be reimbursed. Be sure to submit the reimbursement claims on ERP within 90 days from the expense. The IIT hospital website maintains the list of such outside hospitals that are recognized for this purpose. While several recognized government and private hospitals lie within a few km of the campus, many IIT faculty members find Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research convenient. It is located a short walk away across the road after exiting from the Vishwakarma gate of the campus. For claiming medical reimbursements, there are conditions that you must meet. This is valid for both serving and retired employees. All are supposed to comply with these rules and conditions before submitting their reimbursement claims to avoid any delay in processing and payment.

There is a repository of circulars maintained by the Hospital in chronological order (since 2014), you can look for old documents here.