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Retirement at IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi’s wonderful impact on your life is unquestionable, and therefore, you may choose to carry it in your heart forever. But, after a certain age, you must superannuate. However, you can always continue to serve the institute and provide your academic expertise to the community. There are no age restrictions to do so. Visit this link to view the rules for non-permanent faculty recruitment.

The retirement age at IIT Delhi is 65 years for the Regular Faculty.


Please note that some forms need to be filled and submitted 8-9 months before the retirement date. Therefore, it is advised to start the process well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. All forms can be accessed from here. For any further information, please contact Establishment-1 section.

Re-employment of Faculty at IIT Delhi

On attaining the age of superannuation, all academic staff members whose expertise and experience is useful for guiding students in their academic courses and for research scholars may be re-employed till the end of the semester i.e. 31st December or the academic session, i.e. 30th June, as may be considered appropriate in the circumstances of each case.

View the Institute manual for other rules of Re-employment. (Section 3.8)

Join back at IIT Delhi

There are many ways in which you can choose to keep contributing to the institute after your superannuation. See here to explore the various non-permanent faculty recruitment opportunities.

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