Publish Date: September 22, 2023

IIT Delhi Faculty Elected as INSA Fellows and Associate Fellows 2023

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                                                                                                     INSA Fellows:


                                                                           Prof. Swades De, Department of Electrical Engineering

For prolific contributions to cross-layer design, analysis, and resource optimization of wireless and sensor networks and radio frequency energy transfer that have had an impact on green, energy sustainable wireless communications.


                                                                         Prof. Ashok Kumar Ganuli, Department of Chemistry

                                                                                   (Currently, Director of IISER Berhampur)

Prof. Ashok Kumar Ganguli has made seminal contributions to developing synthetic approaches to design functional nanostructures of specific size, shape and composition with multifarious applications in capacitors, photocatalysis, superconductors, electrocatalysis and efficient field emitters.

                                                                                         INSA Associate Fellows:


                                                                                 Prof. Bhaskar Kanseri, Department of Physics

Prof. Kanseri has made outstanding contributions in photonic quantum communication and statistical optics. Through his research, he recently made the first indigenous demonstration of intercity quantum secure communication using more than 100km underground telecom grade optical fiber. This has placed India in the elite group of nations having quantum communication capabilities. Over the years, he developed several experimental methods using partial coherence and polarization, provided applications in imaging, and in free space quantum communication.


                                                                           Prof. C.T. Dhanya, Department of Civil Engineering

Prof. Dhanya's research has contributed towards enhancing fundamental scientific understanding of the hydrological extremes alongside making improvements in hydrological models by incorporating the role and extent of heterogeneity in regional hydrological modeling. She has investigated the intricacies and feedback mechanisms involved in regional hydrologic systems and has developed early warning mechanisms for hydrological extremes through novel theoretical and statistical models, for hazard management and sustainable water resources planning and management.


                                         Prof. Sayan Ranu, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

For outstanding contributions to the general area of graph analytics, and specifically to graph approximation algorithms as well as problems of route optimization and graph generative modelling. He has been successful in devising algorithms that explain the predictions of Graph Neural Networks better.


                                                                        Prof. Sajeev Philip, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences

Prof. Sajeev Philip has done extensive work towards understanding the chemical and physical processes involved in the variability and composition of the lower atmosphere related to air quality and climate. He has used insitu observations and satellite data as well as global chemical transport models for these studies. He has made significant contributions in estimating global biospheric CO2 fluxes, which is relevant for climate studies.