For Faculty

Continuing Education Program (CEP)

The Continuing Education programs are available to professionals to maintain, grow, and diversify their skill-sets to face industrial challenges, meet operational and strategic needs, and enhance competitive advantage. These teaching programs are offered by IIT Delhi faculty.

See a list of the upcoming programs at IIT Delhi. Faculty members are encouraged to design and offer such programs in their area of expertise. These can be offered individually or by multiple faculty members in collaboration. Contact for more details.

The Quality Improvement Program (QIP)

The Quality Improvement Program (QIP) is supported by Government of India. The main objective of the program is to upgrade the expertise and capabilities of teachers of the AICTE approved degree-level engineering institutions. There are QIP Centers in India in the engineering stream, out of which 11 centers are designated as Major QIP Centers. IIT Delhi is one of those.

IIT Delhi faculty members can teach QIP short term courses, workshops, and seminars. The QIP program also allows faculty members of AICTE recognized degree-level institutions to enroll in master's and Ph.D. degree programs at IIT Delhi. Contact for more details.