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Procuring Goods

IIT Delhi has rigorous and stringent purchasing rules. These rules derive from the government of India (you will surely hear about GFR: general financial rules) and are designed to not only protect public funds from unfair usage but to demonstrate fair usage to the public. One side effect of this policy is that there are several steps to purchasing. Purchase committees have to be formed, open tenders may need to be released, audit and accounts officers do their due diligence. Rounds of corrective action may be required (particularly when you are not familiar with all the rules), vendors take time to deliver. Expect delays. It is not unusual for some expensive equipment to take a year to arrive after you have funds earmarked for it and initiate the purchasing process.

All common-use goods (computers, printers, furniture, etc.) and services must be procured through Government e-Marketplace (GeM). Only those who are officially registered as buyers on GeM may make the purchase. Ask your head for the list of registered staff members who can help. Faculty members may also register if necessary.

Due diligence is required to ensure that items available on GeM are indeed procured through GeM. Items not available on GeM may be procured through an open tender process.

Nonetheless, GeM is the primary purchasing vehicle of the institute. These videos of a workshop on GeM provide more information.

Video for information on GeM Video for details of GeM portal and ordering on GeM Presentation on GeM

The process is shorter for purchase of lower-priced items. Store and Purchase section website has more details about purchasing.

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All non-consumable equipment is recorded in the institute’s inventory database as a part of the purchase completion and vendor payment process. You will get to know the NC-form, which you will sign after the item is delivered. (There is a separate C-form for consumable items.)

The inventory database records an individual staff member (including faculty members) as responsible for that item. (You can view your inventory in ERP.) Your items remain in your inventory whether it remains functional or not. You will later have to follow the “write off” procedure to return old items to the store and have them deleted from your inventory. It is advisable to have old non-functional items written off, because such items take up space and could also be lost. Other than accounting for inventory on a regular basis, a faculty member must transfer all items recorded under their name to another staff member before superannuating and leaving IIT Delhi.

The SPS website has more detailed information on purchasing. Here are some useful links:

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Purchase process flow for items not on GeM (For items cost > Rs.2.5 Lac by Open Tender through eProcurement))

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