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Faculty Performance Appraisal at IIT Delhi

Performance appraisal is indispensable for continued growth of any organization and the professional development of its employees. It also allows the institute to compile all faculty activities. At IIT Delhi, faculty appraisal focuses on self-assessment. The institute ERP system allows faculty to step back and reflect on their year and to plan forward. Many items are automatically filled by the system, and the faculty members need to fill the rest. This data is reviewed by the Head and a committee of senior professors who provide their feedback

Process of Faculty Assessment at IIT Delhi

Self-Assessment Report:

At IIT Delhi, each faculty member files a self-assessment report online at the end of each academic year (ending on June 30). The deadline for filing the report is announced each year.

Feedback from Head of Academic Unit:

The Head of the academic units add their feedback to the self-assessment report and forward it to the Assessment Committee.

Feedback from Assessment Committee

A four-member committee, appointed by the Director (currently one committee is constituted per department, and changes every two years. The Assessment Committee assesses the work reported by the faculty member on a 5-point scale- High: 5; Above Average: 4; Average: 3; Below Average: 2; Low: 1

Each faculty member can view the comments/suggestions and ratings given by the Assessment Committee on ERP once the assessment is complete.

Maintenance of Records:

A summary sheet containing the result of assessment of the faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor or Associate Professor goes through Dean (Faculty) to Establishment Section for recording in the appraisal file. For faculty at the rank of Professor, the summary sheet goes to the Director and is kept in the appraisal file of the concerned faculty maintained by the Office of Director.

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