Halls of Residence

Each Hostel in the Institute is self-contained with amenities such as a reading room, an indoor games room, a lounge and a dining hall with mess. The computer rooms are under construction.

The Dean of Students, in his capacity as the President of the Board for Hostel Management, is the head of the hostel organisation. He is assisted in his administrative responsibilities by the Associate Dean of Students and the Assistant Registrar (Student Affairs). The Board for Hostel Management, the main function of which is to coordinate the working of all the hostels, has representation from all the hostels and takes decisions on all policies of common interest. The administrative head of each hostel, the Warden, is a senior faculty member. There are House Working Committees at the Hostel level. The House Working Committee of each hostel is composed of House Master, Warden, House Secretary, Mess Secretary, Sports Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Maintenance Secretary and Year representatives. It decides the pattern and the pace of life of each House.

For operational convenience, the House Working Committee has an Executive Committee and three other Sub-Committees-Mess Committee, Common Room Committee, and House Maintenance & Cleanliness Committee. There is a special Sub-Committee _ House Honours Committee-to deal with disciplinary matters pertaining to each hostel. The deliberations of the House Working Committee in each hostel are governed by the Constitution for the House Working Committees. Working through this responsible body, the students themselves lay down appropriate norms of behaviour to suit different situations and social occasions in the hostels. The individuals respond to the situation and to the role which they are called upon to play through their participation in the community life of their hostel. They begin to learn their role in different groups and observe the patterns of behaviour and attitude which are expected of them.

List of hostels for male & female students of IIT Delhi

For Boys

  • Aravali Hostel
  • Girnar Hostel
  • Jwalamukhi Hostel Hostel
  • Karakoram
  • Kumaon Hostel
  • Nilgiri Hostel
  • Shivalik Hostel
  • Satpura Hostel
  • Udaigiri Hostel
  • Vindhyachal Hostel
  • Zanskar Hostel

For Girls

  • Kailash Hostel
  • Himadri Hostel
  • New Kailash Hostel

Note: Detailed list of Rules & Regulations in Institute Hostels (Hostel Rules)