Publish Date: May 27, 2024

Entrepreneurship Development Cell at IIT Delhi Collaborates with Alumni to Conduct an Entrepreneurship Course for Students on Building Successful Startups from Scratch

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(Group Photo: Venture Studio Student Participants, Alumni and Organising Team)

New Delhi: The Entrepreneurship Development Cell at IIT Delhi (eDC, IIT Delhi), in collaboration with some distinguished Institute alumni, conducted the first season of Venture Studio, an entrepreneurship course to support IIT Delhi students in their journey to build successful startups from scratch.

The course was designed to empower the students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to become successful entrepreneurs.

Drawing from a pool of over 350 registrations, 40 outstanding students from diverse academic backgrounds were selected to participate in the first season. These students were handpicked for their passion, creativity, and drive to make a difference in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The curriculum of Venture Studio Season-I was meticulously crafted to cover a wide range of topics critical to entrepreneurship, including ideation, market research, business model development, funding strategies, product development, marketing, and scaling. Through a combination of lectures, workshops, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants gained invaluable knowledge and practical skills essential for navigating the complex startup ecosystem.

Throughout the eight-week course, participants were privileged to learn from the firsthand experiences and insights of Pawan Raj Kumar (Co-Founder of Hoi Foods and Supa Star Foods & Lead Investor), Priyank Garg (Managing Partner of IAN Alpha Fund), Pankaj Vermani (Founder of Clovia), Dipinder Sekhon (Founder of Kites AI), Alok Mittal (Co-Founder and Managing Director of Indifi Technologies), TP Miglani (Founding Member of COGS), Gaurav Agarwal (Co-Founder of 1mg), Shivani Kapoor (Co-Founder of ThinkStartup), and Vivek Srivastava (Founder & CEO - HCAH India), distinguished alumni of IIT Delhi, who have successfully established successful startups.

Each week, students were engaged in intensive sessions covering different aspects of startup creation and growth, led by these seasoned entrepreneurs turned mentors.

The Venture Studio program concluded with Pitch Day, where the selected students presented their startup ideas before a panel of distinguished Institute alumni, including Vikram Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner of IvyCap Ventures; Ruchira Shukla, Head of South Asia for Venture Capital; Vivek Kumar, Founder at Venture Garage; Ashish Padidar, Partner at Bellwether; and Priyank Garg, Managing Partner of IAN Alpha Fund.

The students briefed the panel about what they learned during the course and how they were going to apply it to their planned and already existing startups. Some of the mentors who were part of the course's teaching faculty also made up the audience on Pitch Day.

(Photo: Venture Studio: Pitch Day)

The teams that presented their venture ideas included PharmaPedia, which introduced a new generic pharmacy practice tool; Yuzo, which revolved around solving problems faced by the paediatric population; Alexius, which aimed to revolutionize the security at gates; Qbitronix, solving the difficulty in the field of cyber security; IntDesign, a venture aimed at solving the problems related to home infrastructure; Cosoot, a startup aimed at promoting environmental sustainability practices; Insituate, which developed AI tools for industries; Hashiru, an AI-driven speech-improvement software; and Choice, a censorship technology add-on for OTT platforms.

There was also a question round followed by every pitch, which helped the panel get a better picture of the students’ ideas about their venture. The panel greatly appreciated the initiative and emphasized the course's future continuation.

Pawan Raj Kumar, the course coordinator and an alumnus, said, “Witnessing the inaugural cohort present their ideas to esteemed investors was truly fulfilling. This initiative, aimed at fostering entrepreneurship among students, holds immense promise for the future. Our dedicated alumni, now serving as faculty and mentors, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the event. Initiatives like Venture Studio are crucial for producing the innovators and job creators our society needs. IIT Delhi has always been a breeding ground for unicorn founders, and I'm confident that this initiative will further solidify its reputation as a hub for innovation. The enthusiasm and dedication shown by the students in the inaugural cohort are truly commendable. They have already set high standards for future participants, and I have no doubt that they will continue to excel. With access to experienced mentors and investors, there is no limit to what they can achieve”.

The participating students lauded the course and described it as extremely helpful. Shatrughan Singh, a 3rd year B.Tech. student, said, “The Venture Studio program at eDC IIT Delhi was a game-changer! Not only did we receive expert guidance, but the added touch of having esteemed alumni from IIT Delhi leading sessions on ideation, prototyping, MVP development, and pitching was truly remarkable. Learning from their firsthand experiences added immense value and authenticity to the program. It felt like a masterclass in entrepreneurship, tailored specifically for us. The comprehensive journey from ideation to prototype development, culminating in pitch presentations to top-tier investors, equipped us with invaluable tools and confidence. Thank you, Venture Studio, for an enriching and transformative experience!”

Prof. P.V.M. Rao, Dean, Alumni Relations, IIT Delhi, speaking of the Venture Studio, said that the collaborative effort between eDC IIT Delhi and our experienced alumni created a dynamic learning environment where students could learn valuable lessons on their way to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Prof. Lakshmi Narayan, Professor In-Charge, eDC, IIT Delhi, said Venture Studio Season-I has equipped the participants with the tools, resources, and networks necessary to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and determination. 

The Venture Studio initiative was unveiled by Prof. Rangan Banerjee, Director, IIT Delhi, marking the beginning of an innovative educational journey aimed at nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among the students.


Press Release Issued On 20-05-2024