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IIT Delhi – A great place to work and live

IIT Delhi is a residential university, brimming with a smart and driven populace. It fosters a great environment for learning and growth of its faculty, students, and staff. Spirited and enriching intellectual debate is a perpetual feature of every corner and coffee house bench. As an institution, IIT Delhi leaves no stone unturned to support and assist its faculty to expand horizons and reach for the stars.


Academics and research at IIT Delhi are organized into over 35 departments, centers, schools, and programs. These comprise regular, visiting, and adjunct faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, PhD scholars, students, and staff across disciplines, with a varied set of skills and expertise. When you need help with some facet of your research or teaching, it is never far away. IITD recognizes the importance of being in-step with the fast-changing needs of the industry. To cater to this, we have several industry experts on the faculty -- in what is known as the Professors of Practice cadre. They include senior professionals from the industry in part-time or full-time positions. Apart from this, there are various other cadres that you may like to explore.

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The institute’s global footprint achieved through years of high-quality research and education is a matter of both pride and inspiration. Active collaborations with industries across the globe exist and are encouraged. The institute identifies itself as an ‘Equally Opportunity Employer’, which welcomes bright minds from across the world as faculty and students irrespective of geographical boundaries, gender, or other identities.

Benefits & Incentives to Faculty

IIT Delhi has always motivated its faculty to excel at work and reach great heights. Salaries are at par with the top institutions of the country. Faculty members are eligible for various types of research grants. Funding is available internally from the institute, and there are many more opportunities for extramural grants. In addition, IIT Delhi has active associations with various government and corporate bodies that provide a variety of platforms and resources to help faculty members.

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IIT Delhi campus has spacious apartments and residential bungalows for faculty where they can live and work in peace. All varieties of utilities exist on-campus so that the faculty members can focus on teaching and research single-mindedly. The campus has modern gymnasia, food joints and marketplaces for daily needs that eliminate the urban commute. If someone wants to take a break from work and rejuvenate themselves, they simply step out to stroll the lawns and enjoy the fresh air.

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The Delhi in IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi takes its name from the capital city, Delhi. Delhi has a lot to offer. One can step outside the campus and drench themselves in the vibrance of the city. This city has an abundant supply for every need, be it well-regarded schools for your children, marketplaces and malls for your daily needs, street-food, restaurants and luxury hotels with finger-licking food for your palate, or salons for a makeover.

It is easy to explore the capital city. Delhi has one of the largest Metro rail networks in the world. Metro journeys are comfortable, safe, fast, and inexpensive. Multiple Metro stations and Metro lines adjoin the campus.

To know more about the culture of Delhi, you can visit the Delhi Tourism website

Most importantly, Delhi is the house of cheerful, helpful and hospitable people that validates the popular phrase ‘Dilli hai dil walo ki’!

(Translation: Delhi is of those with heart.)