Publish Date: January 27, 2022

IIT Delhi Professor Dr. Dilip T Shahani to be conferred with Padma Shri Award 2022

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Prof. Dilip T Shahani, Honorary Professor at IIT Delhi, has been named for the Padma Shri Award 2022, one of the highest civilian awards of the country, for his contribution to the field of education. A Silver Medalist from IIT Kharagpur, and PhD from IIT Delhi, he has served as faculty at IIT Delhi for over four decades and continues to be associated with the Institute as  Honorary Professor. During his tenure he served on the position of HoD twice.

He received awards for  ‘Excellence in teaching’  and ‘Technology development and transfer in electromagnetic systems'. Prof. Shahani has contributed significantly to Continuing Education for Manpower Development in Technology for Academic institutions and Industry. He has a string of successful R&D projects for Defence & Industry. In IIT Delhi, he was also involved in numerous administrative assignments. Prof. Shahani has been associated as technical expert to Election Commission of India for several years.

He was awarded National Award for best Electoral Practices in 2017.  Since 2016 he along with eminent faculty from IIT Bombay and IIT Bhilai has been engaged in mentoring the latest EVM design for Election Commission of India.