Membership of Senate

# Constitution of the Senate in accordance with the Act & Statutes Membership
1. Director (Chairperson) Ex-Officio
2. Dy. Directors Ex-Officio
3. The Professors appointed or recognized as such by the Institute. All Professors appointed at the Institute.
4. Three persons not being employees of the Institute to be nominated by the Chairperson in consultation with the Director from amongst the educationists of repute, one each from the fields of Science, Engineering and Humanities Dr. Sunita Narain, Environmentalist
Centre for Science and Environment Delhi
Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General
International Solar Alliance Gurugram Haryana
Prof. Satish Deshpande
Professor of Sociology (Retired)
Delhi University
5. Heads of Deptts., Centres, Schools or Divisions other than Professors Ex-Officio
6. Librarian Ex-Officio
7. One Warden by rotation in order of seniority in service as Warden. Prof. Jayant Jain (DMSE) Warden, Udaigiri Hostel
8. Head, Central Workshop Ex- Officio
9. Six members of the staff for their Special Knowledge appointed by the Chairperson after consultation with the Director. Prof. Murali Cholemari, Applied Mechanics
Prof. Lucinda E. Doyle, Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Prof. Sampa Saha, Materials Science & Engineering
Prof. S.K. Tyagi, Energy Science & Engineering
Prof. Pushpapraj Singh, Centre for Applied Research in Electronics
Prof. Saurabh Mani Tripathi, Optics & Photonics Centre
10. Membership of the Senate as approved by the Board of Governors vide Resolution No. BG/13/2007. All Scientific and Design staff having equivalent pay scale as that of Professor.
11. Registrar & Secretary, Senate . Shri Atul Vyas