Publish Date: August 22, 2022

FSAE Italy 2022- IIT Delhi’s Automobile Club AXLR8R Formula Racing Secures First Position in Cost and Manufacturing Event

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IIT Delhi’s student-led automobile club, AXLR8R Formula Racing team recently participated in Formula SAE Italy 2022 as the only electric team from India among more than 70 participating teams from different parts of the world. The event has been a huge success for the team, as they won the trophy for the home securing first place in the Cost and Manufacturing event.


This competition demands students to present with all BOMs, costs associated with each component, buy, or make decisions, knowledge of mass manufacturing, effects of production activities on the environment, etc. It also assesses how well the team understands the manufacturing of their vehicle. The judges unanimously commended the team's thorough documentation and quick answers to the critical questions. The team scored 100 out of 100 points in the event.

Not only that, but the team also cleared all the technical inspections followed by an endurance run of more than 11 km, proving the reliability of the vehicle. Even their performance in Business Plan Presentation & Design event was remarkable as getting a place in the top 10 and top 20 teams in respective events.

The team's commitment and perseverance in creating the automobile from start to finish - despite all the unforeseen circumstances of the Covid 19, lockdown - is unparalleled.

The team learned a lot during the event, whether it be management, technological or team bonding, etc. And the team's incredible learning and achievement were only made possible by the outstanding assistance they received from their sponsors, alumni, crowdfunding donors, and supporters.

The team expressed its gratitude to Mr. Nand Kumar Kurup, an IIT Delhi alumnus from the 1992 batch, for his extraordinary assistance not only as their host but also morale booster on foreign land and to other alumni who guided the team in preparing an international event.

The team extended its gratitude to all its sponsors for having faith in them and giving them every bit of assistance in their respective fields and to the crowdfunding donors who helped the team to raise a significant amount of money at the critical time.

The team also thanked all the IIT Delhi professors who have advised them and assisted them in whatever manner, whether it be with technical guidance or administrative challenges.


The team is currently focusing on increasing the reliability as well as enhancing the performance of the vehicle for the next season. Their future targets include the development of driverless vehicles in the coming years. The team is looking for companies and industries that can support their learnings by providing technical, in kind as well as financial support.