Publish Date: February 21, 2024

Transformative Leadership in STEMM (TLS) Workshop for Ph.D. Scholars from SC/ST Community Held at IIT Delhi

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                                                                                          (Photo: Transformative Leadership in STEMM Workshop)

New Delhi: A three-day "Transformative Leadership in STEMM (TLS) Workshop" for Ph.D. scholars from the SC/ST community who are in the second (or later) years of Ph.D. programs at IITs, NITs, and other Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) was organised at IIT Delhi from February 14–16, 2024.

The key aim of the TLS workshop was to encourage and empower the Ph.D. scholars to apply for faculty positions at IITs, NITs, and other HEIs. A scientific committee chaired by Prof. Narayanan Kurur (Dean Academics, IIT Delhi) selected a cohort of 30 students belonging to the SC/ST community in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering from various institutions across the country. 

During the workshop, the students presented their research and gave a teaching demonstration, along with receiving feedback and mentoring from faculty. Students also engaged in an incubation-based group activity led by IHFC (the Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Delhi) over three days. Various skill-building sessions were conducted in the workshop that addressed niche areas of the faculty application process.

“This initiative has the potential to enhance the confidence of PhD scholars and equip them with the tools to emerge as future leaders in their respective fields,” said Prof. Rangan Banerjee, Director, IIT Delhi, in his valedictory remarks.

Prof. Angelie Multani, Dean, Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), IIT Delhi, highlighted the importance of these workshops to establish a welcoming environment, foster inclusivity and support for students from marginalized backgrounds.

Prof. Brajesh Dubey (IIT KGP) conducted a session on "How to put together a good faculty application package?”. Prof. Krishna AchutaRao (Dean, Faculty, IIT Delhi) guided participants about avoiding common mistakes in handling the uncertainties and stress of job talk and the selection committee interview, including the implementation of the Government of India’s reservation policy and expectations of professional excellence at IITs.

During freewheeling conversations at the workshop, topics related to making an impact through community engagement, health-related disparities, challenges while building a vibrant faculty profile, aspects of proposal writing and commercialization of new technologies, the English language, and self-presentation anxieties were discussed.

The workshop's convenor, Prof. Yashpal Jogdand (Humanities and Social Sciences Department and Faculty Advisor, Initiative for Caste Equity, ODI, IIT Delhi), and co-convenor, Prof. Pravin Ingole (Department of Chemistry and Chairperson, SC/ST Cell, IIT Delhi), expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support for this initiative from the Institute and especially from the faculty from the departments of Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering who served on the scientific committee, gave feedback, mentored the students, and also made time to interact with students informally during the workshop.

The workshop was organised by the Initiative for Caste Equity, Office of Diversity & Inclusion in collaboration with the SC/ST Cell, IIT Delhi.