AI enabled smart clothing

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Movtrack Biomedical Pvt. Ltd., is a wearable health-tech company focused towards physiotherapy and fitness markets. The designs novel, artificial-intelligence enabled clothing to re-invent the exercise experience of physiotherapy/rehabilitation patients and gym-goers. The clothes wirelessly connects to the users’ and physicians' smart-phones or other computers to provide them audio-visual guidance and analytics about exercises and musculo-skeletal health.

In a brief interview with Dr Vanita Srivastava of the Communication Cell, Anupam Kumar, the cofounder of the company talks about his startup journey, the challenges and more.

Edited excerpts:

Please give a brief about your startup? What does it deal with?

We are a smart clothing company developing sensor-guided physiotherapy technology. We have conceptualized an audio-visual guidance system for patients, and a data-analytics platform for physiotherapists for ensuring successful patient rehabilitation.

How and when did you get the idea for this startup?

I got the idea for this product in 2017, and pitched it to the UT Design Startup Challenge based on which the team got $10,000 in cash funding and $35,000 in student engineering services for developing the technology.

What were the main challenges that you faced? How did you address them?

We realized that in order to make mass producible smart clothing, we needed to develop low cost smart textiles to easily bridge the gap between established textile pipelines and the field of electronics. In partnership and mentorship with Dr. Deepti Gupta at IIT Delhi, we've developed a platform we are currently in the process of patenting.

What are your future plans?

We are currently developing our MVP and are looking to collaborate with physical therapists to evaluate our smart clothing and software.

Team members

Mentored by Dr. Deepti Gupta in the Dept. of Textile Engineering. members: Anupam Kumar, Abhilash Kumar, Pavneet Matharoo, Sangwon Jeong, Amogh Kulkarni, Samarth Sethi and Hemanth Machavaram