Advanced Technology based Electric Performance Motorcycle

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HyperX Energy Pvt. Ltd an IIT Delhi incubated startup is developing an Advanced Technology based Electric Performance motorcycle embedded with assistive intelligence. Besides designing and developing different components that are crucial parts of the electric vehicles , the company is also providing some components and solutions to the industries for the electric vehicles.

CEO and Founder Raman Sharma talks to Dr Vanita Srivastava about his startup journey.

Edited excerpts:

How and when did you get the idea for this start-up?

We started our work in 2016 when the concept of electric two-wheelers was in the nascent stage. We analyzed the market and found a clear gap as the automotive industry. We started designing and modelling of the electric motorcycle and then came to IIT Delhi to develop it further. Soon we developed the design and a full functional prototype. While making the prototype we started the development of the brain (Smart system, Motor controller, BMS etc.) and heart (modular and scalable Battery Pack) of the electric vehicles.

What were the main challenges that you faced? How did you address them?

The main challenge we faced and are still facing is building the team. We are developing the vehicle and its platform from scratch which includes hardware, software and testing/optimizing the systems. We are working in the capital intensive industry which requires very robust systems to work in the market. Developing that specific kind of technology, requires infrastructure and few iterations before going to the market. As a start-up we have limited resources in terms of fund, team and infrastructure.

What are your future plans?

We all know the future is going to be a smart and electric in the automobile. We aspire to become the change enabler and want to be the iPhone of the Electric vehicles with optimized performance and great user experience. Our motorcycle may be soon launched with our designed and developed sub-systems.

How did IITD help in realizing your entrepreneurial dreams?

While pursuing my studies, I came to IIT Delhi in 2016 and discussed on the concept .We then started developing sub systems and building a team from different disciplines. While incubating at IIT Delhi I got a lot of support in product development and guidance from domain experts. For me it was like doing a degree on start-up at IIT Delhi.

Team members

Prof. (Dr.) Bhim Singh (Mentor)
Raman Sharma (Founder & CEO)
Utsav Sharma (Founding member & Head of Powertrain)
Prof. Sumer Singh & Prof. Shriram Hegde (Mentor)