Publish Date: May 26, 2023

UAE’s Economy Minister Interacts with Startups at Research & Innovation Park

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New Delhi: H.E. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, UAE, visited the Research and Innovation Park at IIT Delhi on May 25. During the R&I Park’s visit, the minister met and interacted with startup founders who are trying to solve problems across sectors.


The following startups presented their work to the minister.


MachPhy provides cold-chain solutions with state-of-the-art technology for efficiency and the best user experience. MachPhy ensures maintaining a consistent temperature at an affordable price, reliable and speedy handling of biologics and biopharma products. With low power consumption, backup with added security, and traceability using IoT throughout, customers can avail themselves of hassle-free cooling solutions. The minister was keen to understand and liked the fact that MachPhy provided a solution for cold storage wherein the refrigerators provide 96 hours of power backup with a product ticket size of just $4.



IWAYPLUS, originating from the Assistech Lab at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, offers a solution to generate geocoded indoor maps and positioning signature for large indoor spaces such as hospitals, airports, academic campuses, malls etc. The technology can help businesses in tracking and managing staff, assets, and crowds. For visitors, IWAYPLUS offers personalized wayfinding assistance to enhance their experience.

Dash Dynamic

Dash Dynamic showcased their product called ‘Dynamic EV Wireless Charging’ where-in a moving vehicle is charged. A stationary ground charger transmits electricity over a short distance, up to 250 mm, to the receiver coil in the moving vehicle.


CLUIX C011 is a pre-calibrated hand-held Digital Water Quality analyzer that can detect 8 critical parameters of drinking water as per IS 10500 using calorimetry, potentiometry, conductivity, and nephelometry. The device is loT enabled and can share testing data along with GPS coordinates to the organization's central server for monitoring.

Novae Avenue

Novae Avenue is an AI-based real-time road analytics system that delivers intelligence for safety and security in mobility. Novae Avenue goes beyond by analysing adversities and visualise roads for better AI data driven decisions.


Cyran AI

Cyran AI builds advanced hardware-software technology solutions in the domains of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber-Physical Security. CYRAN AI Solutions, an FITT- IIT Delhi deep-tech startup, has devised a novel solution for the problem of complexity associated with learning AI through their unique invention. BUDDHI Kit is the first-of-its-kind highly interactive and easy to use DIY educational kit that can be used to quickly learn the basics of AI and build AI-based solutions for real-world problems without any prior domain knowledge or training.



TSaw aims to provide safe, efficient, and effective drone solutions for various industries, including agriculture, surveillance, logistics, and surveying, to name a few. At TSaw, an in-house-built software technology, GTM, GCS, and UTM allows to track drones beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS), ensuring maximum safety and security.


Nanosafe Solutions is an FITT-IIT Delhi incubated startup focusing on the development of functional materials imbibed with antimicrobial properties for improved health and hygiene. They supply products and solutions centred on their patented active copper-based antimicrobial technology to several leading corporates and consumers all over the country.