Publish Date: 14th January 2021

Big Win for IIT Delhi’s Student-led Automobile Club in International Formula Student Competition

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Axlr8r Formula Racing becomes first and only Indian electric team to achieve two International podiums in a single competition

Axlr8r Formula Racing, the Automobile Club of IIT Delhi, recently participated in two Formula Student virtual competitions- Formula SAE Australasia 2020 and Formula Bharat 2021 and achieved splendid results in both. In Australasia, they competed against some of the best international teams and achieved:

  • 1st Position in the ‘Cost event’.
  • 2nd Position in the ‘Business event’.
  • Scored 106/150 in the ‘Design event’.

Overall, the Axlr8r Formula Racing team secured 4th position in Formula SAE Australasia 2020. This is also the first and only Indian electric team to achieve two International podiums in a single competition.

In Formula Bharat 2021, the Automobile Club of IIT Delhi competed against the best national teams and bagged the greatest number of awards among multiple domains of the competition. The team achieved the following feats:

  • 1st Position in the Business event.
  • 2nd Position Overall in the competition.
  • 3rd Position in the Engineering Design event.
  • Best Powertrain Design Award.
  • Innovative Concept Award in the Business event.
  • Best Financials Award in the Business event.

In the cost event, the teams must grapple with the calculative size of the vehicle, its components, and the necessary manufacturing steps and record all of this in a written cost report.

In the business event, teams present their business plan for the constructed prototype to a fictitious company represented by judges.

In the design event, a group of judges formed by experts in the automotive and technological sector evaluate the ideas, concepts and design processes applied to the car.

“The unforeseen challenges during tough times of nation-wide lockdown, when staying inside one’s home boundary was a priority with no access to workshop for more than 10 months, the whole Axlr8r Formula Racing team was working on advancements in the design of their electric racecar and preparing for static events. These achievements are the result of support from the Institute, alumni, sponsors, and intense teamwork. This combined effort led to the team's first international podium finish”, said Vivek Mahindrakar, Team Captain, Axlr8r Formula Racing.

The team expressed their gratitude to major sponsors like Escorts, Lapp, LPS Bossard, Tata Steel, Rosenberger, Nikol, Karam, Jugnoo, Unified Data-tech, Vedanta, REC, Rico, Melasta and other companies for the support.