Publish Date: 24th July 2020

Sumant Sinha- Sustainability Leadership Award

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Applications are invited to recognize an exceptional research and student leadership in the broad area of sustainability. The awards are to be given in three different category, each comprises of cash award of Rs 25000, a certificate and a citation. Award will be given at a special function to be organized at IIT Delhi.

Award Criteria

Two awards , each of Rs. 25000 will recognize a regular IIT Delhi student who has made significant contribution in research and has published research articles in international journals of repute (in the present academic year) in the area of sustainability, energy , waste management, environment and climate change. The other award of Rs 25000 will be awarded to either to an individual student or a group of students, a part of a club or society of IITD, for their initiative to promote sustainability on the campus or in the local community by generating awareness, implementing project(s),or catalyzing new initiatives.


The award will be conferred on an IIT Delhi student who has demonstrated leadership and action in one of the areas (climate change, energy, sustainability, waste management or environment) through a focused initiative.

Examples are listed below:

  • Conducted focused research or successfully completed a thesis or published research paper(s) in reputed journals.
  • Participated in the development of innovative solutions on specific problems in any of the above mentioned area.
  • Led a student club or student organization effort in any of the above mentioned areas.

Mode of Entry

Nominations are invited through applications highlighting major publications, key initiatives/projects undertaken (problem statement, solution, outcomes). The application document should be written in font-size 12, Calibri, single spaced, with a maximum of 3 pages. The application is to be endorsed by the faculty supervisor or mentor.


An application/nomination (giving name, department, contact details, one page summary of the achievements along with proof of achievement/work) must be submitted before 5 PM on 10th August 2020 by email to Prof Nilanjan Senroy.
nsenroy[at]ee[dot]iitd[dot]ac[dot]in / receee[at]renewpower[dot]in