Publish Date: 11th June 2020

Interview@IITD: Prof Anurag Rathore

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Industry partnership plays a pivotal role in research. IIT Delhi has spruced its ecosystem in the area of COVID research and simultaneously collaboratios with industry partners. In an interview with Dr Vanita Srivastava of the Communication ell, Dean Corporate Relations Prof Anurag Rathore spells out the future plans of collaboration with industry and more.

IIT Delhi happens to be the first academic institute successful in offering a test that has been approved by ICMR How do you see the grant from Microsoft India helping the institute's research on COVID?

Yes, we are proud to see the development of a COVID test by Prof Vivek Perumal and his team. One version of the technology is ready and has already been licensed to multiple manufacturers. There is an ongoing R&D activities lined up and these will be done with the funding from Microsoft.

How do you see this kind of industry-academia partnership for fostering a robust research environ?

So far we have had more than 10 COVID related projects being funded via industry CSR funds totalling about 10 crores and all of this has been achieved in over the last 6 weeks. The corporate relations team is working round the clock to try to get all COVID projects funded.

What are your future plans and how will these be taken forward vis-a-vis the pandemic.

The COVID pandemic has been a once a lifetime event that we have witnessed with respect to its global spread. It is expected that COVID hopefully not as intense will keep returning for the next few years. I hope that with the funding we have received, IIT Delhi establishes a strong research base in pandemic oriented research and becomes a leader in creating effective solutions. This will serve us well and is a national need as well.

Are you planning for a virtual Industry Day this year?

At this time we are planning a face to face Industry Day in November. But of course, time will tell if this is how it is to be done.