Publish Date: 17th May 2020

General update on measures due to Covid-19 for IITD community

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The committee setup by the director for looking at various aspects pertaining to post lock down functioning of the Institute as well as the campus life has met few times and has made some recommendations.

As per the guidelines issued by MHA and Delhi Govt, offices have been partially allowed to open. Faculty members may use their office as deemed appropriate keeping in mind the norms of hygiene and social distancing and, most importantly, taking care of their own safety and that of others. Kindly note that these guidelines may change from time to time as per the instructions of the Central Govt and Govt of Delhi.

Kindly note that 33% of non-essential staff below Dy. Secy level to attend office. All above Deputy Secretary level are to join office according to MHA guidelines. The heads of academic units may also issue appropriate advisory regarding faculty/ staff. It is advised thatmost of the meetings be conducted online through video conferencing. Cognizance may be taken of the fact of absence of public transport or residence being in containment areas.

Social distancing and sanitization norms are to be followed in office (work place)as well as all public places in the campus.Heads are requested to plan appropriate seating arrangement for the staff in the office for this purpose.You may also adopt other appropriate measures for this purpose (such as staggered working hours besides efficient and effective mechanisms to facilitate work for those working from home etc.). The primary motivation is to ensure that all official work proceeds without delay and without compromising safety and well being of the IIT Delhi community.

Entry into the campus shall be from the main gate upto 30.06.2020. It was decided that temperature screening and hand sanitization will be done compulsorily at the main gate. Queries about symptoms related to Covid -19 may also be asked by security . Those entering shall also be checked for wearing of face-mask and visitors / vendors will not be allowed to enter, if he / she is not having valid work or requirement to enter the premises. All IIT Delhi employees, their dependents will also be subject to screening as mentioned earlier. If a staff member or his/her, their dependents are having symptoms of Covid - 19, he or she will be directed to a designated location in the hospital for further examination. Visitors / Vendors, having fever will not be permitted inside the campus and the person who has called him/her will be informed. If relatives or guests of an employee have symptoms of Covid - 19, the employee will be informed.

Once approved for entry, all protocols shall be followed for visitors coming from outside the campus. It is advisable that intimation of arrival / invitation to such visitors is available with the Control Rom / Security Office. At the main gate, the visitor may be asked about availability of the Arogyasetu app as per MHA guidelines.

Persons entering into the campus by a motor car (only two people seated inside, besides the driver) and two-wheelers (one person or single driven, without pillion rider) are allowed after screening and identity check will be allowed to go ahead to park their vehicles in designated areas. Vehicles with IITD sticker will park in their designated places.

All lifts in the Main Building, Exhibition Hall, SIT, Bharti School, DMS, and Academic Blocks will remain operational. LHC lifts will be operated, if required in consultation with Dean (Academics).

Entry will be made to the Main Building and Academic Blocks through Porch Gate (Near Seminar Hall) and the Exhibition Hall Gate. Exit will be made from the Side Gate of Exhibition Hall, near Café Coffee Day and from the passage adjoining the Security Control Room. Other possible Entry/Exit routes are being planned.Thermal screening will be done at all entry points.

Decisions about the entry of Newspaper vendors, Domestic help, research scholars and other research staff, use of play grounds, children parks and other public facilities shall be intimated after a review of the situation is taken after May 17, 2020.