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Recruitment of Faculty other than Regular Cadre

Stretching its conventional academic practices, IIT Delhi has established cadres of faculty other than the regular faculty. These faculty members enhance the intellectual capital and contribute to the research output of the institute. It enables students to learn from experienced individuals regardless of their age, educational background or profession and add broader perspectives to their academic experience. These positions are of a fixed tenure. Full-time positions have an age limit and most part-time engagements do not.

This table summarizes the rules for various positions. A brief description of various non-permanent faculty positions offered by IIT Delhi is given below. Find your niche in one of our many academic units and start a new chapter of your life!

B. Honorary Professor: The institute honors distinguished academicians/professionals, including its own retired faculty members by conferring on them the status of Honorary Faculty and inviting them to deliver lectures. It is a part-time engagement where age is no bar.

C. Visiting Faculty: Visiting faculty members are academics or senior industry professionals joining IIT Delhi on a full-time basis for a short duration. They may be retired or on sabbatical leave from their primary employment. These positions promote a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and perspectives. The engagement of visiting faculty members can also help in developing new activities and collaborations with the parent organization of the visiting faculty. There is an age limit of 70 years.

D. Professor of Practice (PoP) and Adjunct Professor of Practice (APoP): Distinguished professionals with 15 years of professional experience with non-academic/industrial background can apply for faculty positions at the levels of Professor of Practice (PoP) and Adjunct Professor of Practice (APoP) in its various academic units. They should have a track record of exemplary professional practice while serving in leadership positions. Advanced academic degree is not considered essential for this position.

E. Adjunct Faculty: Adjunct Faculty are at IIT Delhi part-time. They may be academicians, scholars, practitioners, policymakers and skilled professionals. They may teach at IIT Delhi. They may help guide the development of IIT Dehi. They may develop robust collaboration between IIT Delhi and other institutions. Advanced degree is not considered essential for this position, and there is no age bar. .

F. Guest Faculty: Experts from outside IIT Delhi may be invited to teach or co-teach a course in their field of expertise. It is a limited part-time engagement and age is no bar.

For any clarification or information, please write to the concerned academic unit ( IITD -> Academics)