Faculty at IIT Delhi are entitled to many perks and benefits, including various reimbursements of the services they and their family use.

Reimbursement of expenses to join IIT Delhi:

A reimbursement of travelling expenses are made at the time of joining the institute as per entitlement for self and spouse and transportation of goods at actuals subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 1,25,000/- (One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand only) for candidates within India OR Rs. 2,50,000/- (Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand only) for candidates from abroad subject to production of documentary evidences. The Reimbursement is subject to an undertaking from the faculty member to serve IIT Delhi for a period of two years.

The faculty members submit an application to E1 through their head of academic unit along with the evidences such as tickets, boarding passes, shipment bills, etc. To get the reimbursement.

Telephone Reimbursement

Faculty members are eligible for reimbursement of telephone / mobile bills as per the following list:-

Pay level    
Reimbursement limit   
Level 15 & above    
₹ 3,000 plus taxes per month   
Level 14 & 14A    
₹ 2,700 plus taxes per month   
Levels 12, 13&13(A)   
₹ 2,250 plus taxes per month   
Level 11    
₹ 1,200 plus taxes per month   

Leave Travel Concession (LTC)

All Faculty members and their dependent family members of the institute are entitled to "Leave Travel Concession" scheme of Government of India wherein the Institute underwrites the travel expense to one's home-town and anywhere in India every two years. Alternatively, one can travel once to visit hometown and once to any place in India, in a Block of 4 years. The faculty members are also entitled for encashment of Earned Leave (EL) (maximum 10 days at a time) while availing LTC. On joining faculty members are allowed to travel to their Hometown along with their dependent family members on three occasions in a block of four years and to any place in India at the fourth occasion. This facility is available to the faculty members for initial two blocks of four years.

Reimbursement of approved medical expenses

Faculty members can apply for medical reimbursement by logging in to their ERP accounts-

ERP -> Employee Self Services-> Medical Reimbursement

Visit for more information.

Following are rules for availing OPD consultation and Reimbursement of Medicines from the CGHS recognized or NABH accredited hospitals by the IITD beneficiaries. These are applicable for both serving and retired employees.

- All serving and retired employees and their dependents can avail OPD consultation at any hospital recognized by CGHS or NABH accredited Hospital in NCR and other cities and states where the employees have settled. No referral will be required by lIT Hospital to consult these hospitals.

- Reimbursement of costs of medicines purchased based upon the prescription of these CGHS ­recognised or NABH accredited Hospitals can be made by the lIT Hospital to the employees after a deduction of 40% of the total cost of the medicines claimed in the reimbursement bill.

- Reimbursement will be made for medicines only up to a maximum of two months at a time. After that, fresh consultation/prescription from the concerned CGHS-recognized or NABH accredited Hospital, should be submitted by the beneficiaries for such reimbursement claims, otherwise reimbursement will not be made.

The beneficiaries may accordingly avail the OPD consultation and Reimbursement of Medicines from the CGHS-recognized or NABH accredited hospitals as per the above modified norms/rules. Reimbursement will also be processed by the IIT Hospital accordingly.

Children’s Education Allowance

This is as per government of India guidelines.

ERP -> Employee Self Services->(ERP -> CE Allowance)