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The IIT Delhi Library system comprises a Central Library and departmental libraries, collectively supporting the teaching, research and extension programs of the Institute. The Central Library houses over 300,000 documents including books, theses, journals, videos, etc.

Library Hours

The Central Library remains open throughout the year other than six holidays, namely, Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and Republic Day. The book stack area at 1st floor and the Ground floor is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Weekdays) and 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM (Weekends & Holidays)

Accessing Journals

Library-subscribed e-journals can be accessed from within the campus or outside. Although there is no restriction on the usage of a resource, users do need to follow the fair use policy

1) Access within the campus:

IP-based access to all the subscribed resources is available within the campus network. You can visit the Central Library website. The subscribed resources are available under the sub-heading E-Resources.

2) Remote access through VPN:

Off-campus access is available through VPN To request VPN, please visit

3) Through SSO system

Most of the e-resources are also accessible through the SSO system Shibboleth. The steps for getting access to the resources if you are not in the IP range of IIT Delhi are:

i) Visit the page

ii) Click on the resource which you want to access.

iii) Enter your IIT Delhi credentials and follow the steps to get access.

4) Through specific credentials

A few resources can only be accessed through special username and password. The library circulates the same to all faculty members and students from time to time. If you need a username and password to access these resources, please email or

Accessing of old bound volume printed journals

Old bound volumes of printed journals are stacked on the second floor of the library. These journals can be searched by using the library web OPAC. You can go to the stack to retrieve the required journal or contact the library staff. The library has purchased the archive of some of the printed journals (e.g. Journal of Fluid Mechanics). They are also available for access in their electronic form.

Accessing a specific paper/issue, or proceedings of a year

One can find a paper by searching the home page of the journal or searching the same in the bibliographic databases like Scopus, Web of Science, SciFinder (for chemistry and allied subjects), MathSciNet (for mathematics)

Papers can also be found through search engines like Google Scholar. One can get the full text of most resources if the Central Library subscribes them, and the browser’s IP belongs to IIT Delhi (meaning it is on campus network/VPN).

Also, the A to Z list of journals subscribed by IIT Delhi is available on the library website.

Getting related papers

Publications on a topic similar to some paper on hand can be found by using the same or similar keyword(s) as of that paper. The search can be done either on the journal’s webpage or bibliographic databases like Scopus, Web of Science, SciFinder (for chemistry and allied subjects), MathSciNet (for mathematics). Some search engines also list forward and backward citation pointers and related papers. If the paper you are looking for is not available, please send an email to or with the URL/DOI of the paper. It may be available through inter-library loan.

Recommending a journal for subscription

If a journal you need is not available, you can request its subscription through the faculty boards. A copy of the minutes of the faculty board with the recommendation should be sent to the library.

Tools subscribed by library- Premium version of Grammarly (Use institute email ID for registration at their website.)

Standards subscribed by the library- ASTM and BIS standards