Faculty Housing

IIT Delhi is a green and vibrant campus, situated in South Delhi. The spacious apartments and residential bungalows on the campus alongside the academic area eliminates the urban commute. IIT Delhi also has a modern crèche to care for your kids while you are at work, as we together strive to attain the ideal work-life balance.

New faculty members are provided a guest house room on arrival. (Please ensure that the arrival plans are communicated to your Head and E1 in advance so a reservation can be made for you.) Regular accommodation is allotted in batches. The estate unit regularly advertises vacancy by email and invites applications. Each vacant unit is subsequently allotted to the senior most applicant who is entitled to each house (based on its size). Continuing to stay in the guest house while awaiting allotment would be inconvenient in many ways. Hence, a transit accommodation is provided soon. While staying in transit accommodation, you would look out for estate circulars, and apply for houses. The following sections briefly explain the allotment process.

The information related to house allotment at IIT Delhi is given at - https://home.iitd.ac.in/-> internal website-> Administrative-> Estate-> HA Rules

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In-Campus Accommodation

Apartments and houses on campus are divided into two different geographical areas: Old Campus and New Campus 1. Specific to New Campus 1, there are three apartment complexes: Avanti and Vaishali (for Assistant Professors and above), Taxila (for Associate Professors and above), and Vikramshila (for Professors). In addition, there are duplexes with yard, and multistory apartments, making a total of more than 600 houses on campus.House allotment is prioritized by seniority. Seni ority is by the date you join the institute or become eligible for a higher category house. Believe it or not, if you join in the afternoon, someone joining in the forenoon gets priority in housing. In addition, a one-time antedating of seniority date is allowed for new faculty members. In other words, you receive credit for formal post-PhD work experience that may be outside IIT Delhi. Antedating requires application; be sure to request antedating at the time of joining. (Or, soon after, if you forget.) Only half of the period is counted for any academic work-experience that is outside India. (There are exceptions; certain houses do not allow antedating.)

The non-trivial task of setting up the house begins after the allotment. Institute provides network services (request CSC for set up), internal telephone service ( IIT Delhi Infrastructure Support), basic electrical equipment (like fans and tube lights) and water supply. Many houses also have PNG connection. Electrical and civil maintenance services are also provided. After-hours emergency maintenance is also available. (A small license fee will be deducted from the salary to support the accommodation.) Maintenace is run by a relatively small staff, and requests are many -- it can take days to fix some problems. Please do not wait before lodging complaints. You can expect to need their help when you first move in (and later as well).

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You will also need to apply for the supply of electricity and PNG or other utilities as per requirement (like external landline telephone, TV cable/DTH service, etc.) You can view the contact numbers of concerned persons from Infra department -> Civil Maintenance/Electrical Maintenance -> Residential area

You will also need to furnish your house. There are many various furniture markets near IITD or you may also explore online platforms to decorate your house.

Remember that houses are allotted solely for residential purposes. Also, if a faculty member fails to accept the allotment of a house within 7 days from the date of the allotment letter or fails to take possession of that residence after acceptance within 21 days from the date of the letter, their allotment is liable to be cancelled. Further, such refusal leads to a ban from applying for another house for one year from the date of the letter.

Off-Campus Accommodation

The institute is located in a bustling area of Delhi, and you may choose to stay off-campus for personal reasons. Arrays of shopping malls, multiplexes, food joints, markets are there at your service, and the metro rail network connects the whole city. See Metro Map. The institute offers HRA (based on salary) if a faculty member opts to stay off-campus. Instead, if you sign a three-party rent agreement with the institute as one of the parties, an amount of up to ₹35000 per month may be available from the institute. Please write to the Dean Faculty (deanf@iitd.ac.in) for more details on rental agreements.