Publish Date: April 29, 2021

Startup at IIT Delhi’s Incubator Develops Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant

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PRESS RELEASE             
DATE: 23-04-2021

Startup at IIT Delhi’s Incubator Develops Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant      

•    One shot of NANOSHOT effective for 96 hours

New Delhi: Ramja Genosensor, a startup incubated at IIT Delhi, has developed a multipurpose organic hybrid surface disinfectant spray known as NANOSHOT. The spray is based on nanoparticles and is completely free of alcohol or hypochlorite. One shot of NANOSHOT will be effective for 96 hours (4 days). 
Dr. Pooja Goswami, Founder, Ramja Genosensor said, “It has been tested and certified that NANOSHOT starts killing microbes i.e. virus, bacteria, fungi within 30 seconds of its application on the surface and kills 99.9% microbes in 10 minutes.”  

She added, “In addition, it is completely non-toxic as there were no allergic reaction, rashes or irritation observed during the test at NABL accredited laboratory.”
This one solution comes in three different spray packs for different surfaces.

The handy mist spray kit can sterilize car dashboards, car seats, tablets, wallets, books, luggage, lift control panels, TV remotes, microwaves, and other products.
Shotgun Spray is suitable for large areas such as receptions, subways, escalators, elevators, sofas, dining areas, meeting halls, metros, buses, schools, washrooms, restaurants, trains, railway stations, airports, and security checks.

There is also a regular spray that is useful and simple to use on kitchen slabs, dining tables, bags, bottles, refrigerator surfaces, chairs, keys, showcases, glass objects, etc, and other similar surfaces.
Dr. Goswami further said, “Germ-free surfaces and proper sanitation remain our priority. We have been working on developing more cost-effective and a healthy solution to ensure adequate sanitization in the indoor surroundings. With an efficiency rate of 99.9% on the tested microbes, and the effects lasting four days there is no need to reapply NANOSHOT every few hours and the amount used per unit area is lower.” 
For any further queries, pl contact Dr. Pooja Goswami, Founder, Ramja Genosensor at: