Model for Prediction of Crude Oil Blend Compatibility and Blend Optimization for increasing heavy oil processing

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Researchers at IIT Delhi in collaboration with BPCL R&D, Greater Noida have evolved a model for prediction of crude oil blend compatibility and blend optimization for increasing heavy oil processing.

The crude oil blend compatibility (K-Model) is determined based on the physical parameter ratios of the crude oils. The K-Model is developed by coefficients obtained by regression analysis between the ratios of physical parameters (API/sulphur; kinematic viscosity/API; sulphur/carbon residue) of known crude oils and composite compatibility measure determined from multiple compatibility test results of the known crude oils.

A total of 50 different crude oils were used in the development and tuning of the model. “The model is being used in the BPCL Refinery at Cochin and has helped them to raise their refinery profit margins to several crores leading to performance awards from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, “ says Professor SreedeviUpadhyayulafrom the Department of Chemical Engineering and IITD author of the study.

Prof. S.Upadhyayula, was recently awarded "Innovation Award 2018-19" for "K-Model: Quick and Accurate Prediction of Crude Oil Blend Compatibility and Blend Optimization of N-Number of Crude Oils" by the Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.