22th Jan 2020

Giving Week donation campaign

The Giving Week donation campaign has been going on successfully and we have had more than 100 alumni contributing with the total crossing Rs. 10 Lakhs. In view of the current challenging situation, our first focus is on our very own campus, where there is immediate need for us to exhibit our generosity and goodwill.

There is an immediate need to address the concerns of informal service providers of the campus (including rickshaw pullers, night mess workers, presswalas, dhobis and kabari-walas), construction workers and other workers employed by contractors providing service to the institute (such as house-keeping, solid-waste management and workers in campus commercial outlets), daily-wage and contractual employees of mess under BHM, and other daily-wage and contractual group-4 level employees under security, estate and works, establishment, and research project staff under IRD. IIT Delhi community (students, faculty and staff) has already taken multiple steps in this regards.

In this scenario, we have decided that all contributions made to Giving Week 2020 will be utilized for above mentioned purpose. We are keeping the campaign live and request you to join other alumni, students, faculty and staff of IIT Delhi in this noble cause. Each and every donation is important, irrespective of the magnitude, as it shows the intent of the IIT Delhi alumni community.

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