Rules and Policies

IIT Delhi has rules. Many rules. Most handed down by the nation’s laws. While efforts are ongoing to ensure that rules are clearly written down in an accessible manner, it will always remain a work in progress. You may find the RTI site useful.

We need to know the rules to answer question of two broad types:

1. I want to do X, is this allowed?

2. What is the procedure to do X?

Answer to the second questions will usually be easier to find. The first kind is often harder because it requires inference from a multitude of rules. It is always better to be aware of the rules about X, but there are too many instances of X. Please seek assistance when you need it. These will come from documents posted online, emails sent as circulars, staff members of academic units, and institute officers.

This section of the orientation program is designed to answer the most common questions that a new faculty member has.