Internal Funding


Among the ways the institute supports the professional growth of its faculty is the new faculty grant. Once these grants are approved, you would need to form a purchase committee (through your unit’s storekeeper or by using the IRIS system of IRD , and following the institute purchasing norms .

New Faculty Grant (Up to 50 Lakhs)

During the first three years, a new faculty member is eligible for a start-up institute seed grant of up to ₹20 Lakh. This is primarily designated for equipment purchase.

An additional grant of up to ₹30 Lakh is available as a matching grant to build new capability/high value research facilities in emerging areas. For this matching grant, external funds of an equal value should be procured by the faculty member. Furthermore, the institute also funds equipment purchase for wider usage. When in need, it is a good idea to approach the institute administration.

New faculty grant is applicable for faculty joining as Assistant professor and above.

View the guidelines for New Faculty Seed Grant (Page 3)

To apply for matching grant, visit IRIS, and navigate to IRD Schemes IRD Schemes for Faculty Equipment Matching Grant for New Faculty

To apply for New Faculty Grant, visit IRIS, and navigate to IRD Schemes -> IRD Schemes for Faculty -> New Faculty Grant.

Prof. Sangeeta Santra

Professional Development Fund (PDF)

To support the professional activities of the faculty of the Institute, there is provision for a Professional Development Fund (PDF). PDF is managed by IRD Unit. The PDF of a faculty member is funded by a part of the institute overhead on external projects in which the faculty member is an investigator. The stepwise procedure to spending from the PDF is mentioned in the IRD Manual under the heading “Professional Development Fund”.

Furniture Allowance

The institute offers a furniture allowance to new faculty to equip the office or lab. This fund is managed through the office of Dean Planning. The form to request this allowance must be sent through the Head of your academic unit to Dean Planning (

Professional Development Allowance (PDA) INR 3 Lakh over 3 years

Each faculty member also receives a professional development allowance, separate from PDF. (₹3 Lakh is provided for a block of 3 years and it is expected to be used within its block of years. There is provision for some carry-over, but this can change on short notice.) PDA can be used to support travel (domestic or international), teaching and research supplies and accessories, etc. This fund first becomes available to a new faculty member 6 months after joining the institute. PDA is managed through the institute ERP.

View the Guidelines for Professional Development Allowance (PDA) (> Rule Position-> Faculty)

Other schemes for Faculty

IIT Delhi believes in building connections between ideas and concepts across disciplinary boundaries. IITD has ‘Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Projects (FIRP)’ and ‘Multi-Institutional Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Projects (MFIRP)’ schemes to enhance interdisciplinary and collaborative research interest in the Institute.

Both these schemes are managed by IRD. Faculty members receive the announcement via email, and proposals under these schemes can be submitted through IRIS. Proposal are invited once in a year under these .

Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Projects (FIRP)

FIRP Proposal is to be submitted by teams of 2 or more faculty members having expertise in different disciplines working in different academic units. It is expected that these interdisciplinary research groups will grow in size or merge with other research groups and will enhance the level of expertise and scope of research in a specific interdisciplinary theme. It is also expected that these interdisciplinary research groups will attract strong support from external funding agencies and catalyze the synergic ‘cross-research activity’ between different faculty members across the Institute leading to joint research publications, patents and PhD supervisions. Selected projects are given an initial grant of Rs. 10 Lakh. Rs. 5 Lakh is given as the seed fund for the first year followed by similar fund in the second year. The joint research team is expected to submit at least one research project to a funding agency on the completion of the 1st year. Additional funds covering the teaching assistance of a Ph.D. student for 4 years can also be provided, if required and justified based on the progress made in the first year.

For more information, refer the IRD Manual section 12.2

Multi-Institutional Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Projects (MFIRP)

Under this scheme funding will be provided for joint FIRP projects from team of faculty members from two institutes. There will be two PI’s (one from each institute) and the total grant will be Rs. 20 Lakhs for two years. This initiative is expected to attract strong support from external funding agencies and catalyze cross research activities between the two institutes. Currently, the MFIRP has been initiated with AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and ICAR (Indian Council for Agricultural Research) and NII (National Institute of Immunology).

For more information, refer the IRD manual section 12.3

Faculty Innovation and Research-driven Entrepreneurship (FIRE) Program, FITT The FIRE program is specifically designed for the IITD faculty who wish to venture into entrepreneurship. It envisions commercialization of technologies and concepts backed by strong scientific evidence that may lead to a commercially viable solution. Through FIRE, a faculty members may get one year of paid leave and two years of unpaid leave along with a grant of 5 million INR to develop their startup. Visit FITT-FIRE to view the details.

Faculty Research Travel Awards (FRTA)

Faculty Research Travel Awards (FRTA) have been established to provide the faculty the opportunity for advancement of knowledge and global exposure to continuously enhance their quality of teaching and research.

This is done by supplementing the faculty with financial assistance to attend conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, trainings etc. across the globe.

View the FRTA form to see the eligibility criteria and process to apply. View the FRTA MoU here.